Faculty and Administrators Perceptions of the ACCJC's Rubrics

Perceptions of the ACCJC's Program Review and Planning rubrics for organizational change

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The Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) developed the program review and planning rubrics as a supplemental tool for colleges to utilize in analyzing their program review and planning processes in an effort to meet the accreditation standards. This study looked at the perceptions of faculty and administrators in an attempt to realize the depth and breadth of the utilization of the ACCJC's program review and planning rubrics to meet the accreditation standards and for organizational change through Kotter's Change Model.


Dr. Grossman has a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Physical Education and a Doctorate in Education from CSU Fullerton. Dr. Grossman has worked in higher education for 22 years as a faculty member, an athletic coach, and an educational administrator.